Georgia Teacher Fires Gun in Classroom

Chloe Archibald, Staff

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Last Wednesday, Florida students were terrified when their history teacher pulls out gun. Teacher at the time Jesse Randall was known at the school for having problems psychologically. The teacher brought the gun onto school grounds, hiding it in his computer bag. The shot was heard through the classrooms a little bit before noon.

The sound sent students running through the hallways, kids barricading themselves until the police arrived. The police were in a 30 minute stand off until he finally surrendered.

All students were safe after the accident occured. Police have taken Jesse Randall into custody and charged him on the account of aggravated assault, weapon on school grounds, terroristic threats, reckless conduct, and possession of a gun during a crime.

This specific event leads us to debate the deal that Trump is trying to push.

He wants to give one trained teacher a gun, but what if another event like this happens? Who steps in then?


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Georgia Teacher Fires Gun in Classroom