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2017-2018 Staff

Mrs. Hardy


Mrs. Hardy teaches Digital Communications at Highland High School and oversees the news website The Highland Sun as well as the Talon Yearbook.  She is in her 4th year advising publications and enjoys the high-energy spirit of h...

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Brenley Tesch


Brenley Tesch is a freshman  student at Highland High School. Bren has played volleyball for 7 years until she got hurt in her last game. Bren’s favorite part of yearbook is taking pictures and seeing different plays and diff...

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Alexia SanMarco

Business Manager, Staff

Alexia SanMarco is the Business Manager of the Digital Communication or as known by many Highland High School Newspaper and Website. She is inspired to have the knowledge and ability to become an Editor or journals for a famous...

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Sydney Preston

News Editor

Sydney Preston is a 9th grader at Highland High School. Her job on The Highland Sun is a news editor. She also does theater and is part of the club Highland Globetrotters, where she will travel to New Zealand and Australia in J...

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Alexis McCown


Alexis McCown is a Junior attending Highland High School. She plays tennis and participates in dance at school. This is her first year at Highland, and she loves it! She loves to spend her time hanging out with friends. When ...

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Jenessa Lopez


Jenessa Lopez is a freshman here at Highland High and is 15 years old. She is a staff meber in Digital Communications and loves taking pictures and taking interviews. She an only child and lives with her mother and her cat, El...

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Makayla Kessler

Staff, Marketing Director

Makayla B. Kessler is in her first year of Digital Communications, or as it is well better known as, Yearbook. She is also in her first year in high school. She is a marketing manager, which means she gets to suggest ideas for H...

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Brooke Hester

Sports Editor, Marketing Manager

Brooke Hester is a staff member, marketing manager, and a sports Section Editor for the Highland Sun Newspaper. She is currently a Freshman at Highland and is enjoying her time there so far. Brooke enjoys playing volleyball, hang...

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Riley Garcia


Riley is a simple person who does simple things. He likes to sleep; it’s his favorite. His favorite sport is soccer and sometimes he likes to run. He would like to be a journalist. He’s kind of athletic and has "eh" grades...

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Melanie Gagnon

Editorials Section Editor

Melanie Gagnon is a freshman at Highland. She plays basketball for her school and on a national team. She loves scary movies and naps; Melanie hates mornings and is also the type of person to laugh at her own jokes. ...

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Nathan Freas


Nathan Freas is a freshman at Highland High School who has many friends, interests, and hobbies. He loves to go out and play basketball and football with his friends. It's his first year of high school, and it was hard for him...

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Maddie Fell

Photo Editor

Maddie Fell Is a Freshman cheerleader at highland high school. She loves to hangout with her friends and family. She is a photo editor and staff member!

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Megan Dietz


Megan Dietz is a sophomore here at Highland High and is 15 years old. This is her first year doing digital communications at the high school level and she is enjoying it a lot so far. She lives in a family of four and has one...

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Maia Davis


Maia is part of the 2021 class at Highland.  She enjoys watching scary movies with her family, hang out with friends.  Her favorite foods are pizza, but especially, fettuccine alfredo.  She loves to travel to Tennessee and...

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Brody Cameron

Sports Editor

Brody Cameron is a freshman currently attending Highland High School. Some of his interests include football, history, and the Beatles. Brody’s dream job would be being the director of critically acclaimed movie. His job on the...

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Katie Blum


Katie Blum is a freshman  at Highland High School. This is her first year in Digital Communications, but she is really excited to start a new journey. She works on taking pictures and writing articles.  While working hard in her sch...

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Chloe Archibald


Chloe Archibald is a Junior this year at Highland High School and serves in Student Council as the Junior Class Vice President. This is her 2nd year in Student Council and loves every minute of it. She plans school dances, or...

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Edwin Aponte


Edwin Aponte has 7 classes a day and attends Highland High School. In his 3rd hour Digital Communications he is in the Entertainment news features and sends in funny fails, he is in charge of making an article for the attack on Ne...

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Lydia Davis

Editor in Chief

Lydia Davis is a junior at Highland High School. She’s an Editor in Chief in the first year of Digital Communications and also has a passion for filmmaking. Lydia, who also comes from a blended family of 6 sisters and a single...

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