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Alexia SanMarco
Alexia SanMarco is the Business Manager of the Digital Communication or as known by many Highland High School Newspaper and Website. She is inspired to have the knowledge and ability to become an Editor or journals for a famous Publications Website or Magazine. She’s a big sister of 3 within a blended family in Gilbert, even though she has a difficult time reading because of a disability, she loves to read and write stories of her own. She  loves music and singing, so much at times she tries to write her own songs, failing dramaticaly.  She’s very inspired by this class because of its writing skills and working abilities, like leadership, time management, hard working and overall having like another family away from home. Alexia is very excited for the San Francisco trip because of its benefits towards her learning and future career. Alexia looks up to many in the class for their different skills and kindness, and this class has helped her grow as a person even though it's been a short amount of time to grow, she's very excited for the next years to come.

Alexia SanMarco, Business Manager, Staff

Oct 23, 2017
Be Like Dade (Story)