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Learn from the Past

A student's response to the recent shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.

Anonymous, HHS Student

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Yes it is tragic but as a society we teach students history to learn from the past. Right now we are falling into the past and not taking those lessons to heart. I understand why gun safety is thought of, but just as alcohol was banned, it caused more drinking and more rioting. I fear that this will be the same, but more violent and destructive than ever before. There have been many ways to regulate access to weapons but this student was able to obtain it in just a few minutes. Even if the regulations were stricter, there is still a black market for everything. If someone wants something or to hurt others badly enough, they will find a way to do it. I do pray for the family, friends, and staff of those involved in the shooting. People will be missed, but as a society I hope we can rise above the ashes and grow out of this tragedy.

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  1. James Sorensen on February 22nd, 2018 9:32 pm

    Playing devils advocate here
    That’s great and all, but in the spirit of learning from history, take a look at mankind’s history. Terrific advancements have been made throughout all of history, but at the same time, the greatest advances were normally made during times of war. Because that’s all our history is throughout the past 10,000 years, death and destruction. Again, there have been many great things as well, but in the past 10,000 years, mankind has not changed. Expecting people to change now is naive
    Proving my point, look at WWII. We got attacked by Japan, where +2,000 people died. In response, the US decided to enter the war, and ended up blowing the crap out of Japan once we created the most destructive weapon of mass destruction yet.
    Take a look at 9/11. Horrific, absolutely terrible event. We definitely rose up from the ashes of this event. Yet what did we rise up to do? Wage a war on terrorism. Why? Because it was for the greater good of american citizens. We shut down some major terrorist related activities and made some major changes to the governments in the middle east. But it was all to benefit someone. Us. As long as people continue to work for “the greater good” of something or someone, there will always be death.
    People are divided, and will always be divided, and that causes conflict, because everyone wants to protect their interests over someone else’s. People will always find more creative ways to kill each other. Thats why gun control is so important. By removing peoples ability to gain unqualified access to weapons, you make it so they are a lot less likely to be able to kill someone(granted, theres still plenty of other people, but its much less likely to happen. Guns are so useful because its such an impersonal way to kill. Getting in close, thats where most people would freeze, because they cant ignore that its a human being that they’re trying to kill) Yes there is a black market, but thats the point of gun control. Remove the black market by force, and suddenly that access is much more limited.


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Learn from the Past