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School Safety

Students respond to the recent shooting in Florida in regards to student safety and gun control at schools.

HHS Students

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Some of HHS student responses to our question: Respond to the recent shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. What are your thoughts?  Please feel free to respond to the topic in the comments below.

“I think that schools should have a better plan that everyone is aware of.”



“I think it’s very sad. But I feel very safe at Highland. And wouldn’t leave. Though I think security plays a big part in this.”



“If there was more funding for Security Officers, it would’ve ended with many less homicides. After the events that took place in Florida everyone is convinced that guns have a personality of their own. Stop personifying guns and blame the shooter. If they ban guns from schools completely is that really going to stop someone who has the intention of doing an act of violence. Gun-Control is not going to work in The United States because of the 300 million guns in circulation, the government could not afford to buy back all of the guns like what Australia did back in 1996. Australia was only able to this because there was 1 million guns across the country. So in conclusion I would love to see more armed civilians or government figures present with security clearance in our schools protecting us from future attacks.”

-Maverick Gonzalez, Sophomore

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One Response to “School Safety”

  1. James Sorensen on February 22nd, 2018 9:12 pm

    Playing devils advocate here
    In response to Maverick Gonzales, I totally agree with what you’re saying. However, who’s to say that having more armed civilian or military personnel would help? This was a 19 year old who gained access to military grade weaponry. We start having more armed people out there, that wont stop people from committing crimes like this. Might deter a few, which is awesome, but anyone who wants to, can. Theres an upswing in people with guns, suddenly there will be people who buy even more powerful weapons to make it so they would be more successful. Guns may not be evil in and of themselves, but its the gun that kills someone. There always has to be someone to pull the trigger, but its the gun that does the work. That was the point of guns. Guns are a tool, and like all tools, they were meant to be used. Problem is, the only use they have is to kill. Having more armed people would just result in more death


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School Safety