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Inspiration in Our Everyday Lives

What inspires artists?

Riley Garcia, Staff

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Art can either be fun, or not fun; easy, or not easy. People are inspired to be artist every day, but what actually inspired Leonardo da Vinci or Picasso? People are all inspired by multiple things, all of which give good reasoning. Inspiration ranges from stories, to nature, to even just color. An art website, www.artsyshark.com, asked a few artist what inspired them, to which they gave the previous answers.

They can apply to all sorts of people, but inspiration isn’t forced, it can happen naturally, whether you are looking for it or not. Anything can be inspiration for art, and anything can BE art as well.

It’s hard to tell what actually gives people inspiration to draw, or paint, but more likely than not you’ll know when you are inspired. It can be a big deal, or it can just be another daily thing in your life.

Inspiration is all around us. So what inspires you?

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Inspiration in Our Everyday Lives