The Election

Maia Power and Jenessa Lopez

Recently here at Highland the yearly student body election took place. We went around and took interviews with the winners of  senior election.

We took an interview with the new senior president of next year Chloe Archibald. She is very excited for next year, but a little nervous because of the pressure, “I say a little nervous just cause of the pressure, and my  job is planning the high school reunions” We asked her what she wanted to change in our school and she replied with “I wanted to bring more union into the senior class, specifically the seniors. I want to have more bonding, and make senior year more enjoyable and fun”  

We all want our last year of high school to be memorable, so Chloe Archibald is heading in the right track.

The next candidate we interviewed is Grace Pothier who won the senior class secretary. She loved being in the student council and wanted to get her voice out and help things move along. “I have been in student council and I’m good at being in it, I really liked being in it this year. I think I had a pretty high chance in winning” She loves writing and her reason to run was because she wanted to be in student council again. “Because I really wanted to be in student council again and again I love writing”. She is really excited for next year “I am really excited for next year because everyone that ran and won are really cool and super fun”  

Grace Pothier was a great candidate and I think we can all agree, we all are very excited to see what she can do.