Red 4 Ed Movement Marches for Change

Red 4 Ed takes their movement to the Arizona Capitol in hopes for a change.

Melanie Gagnon, Staff

Teachers, students, staff and parents marched today, Thursday April 26th, in the 100 degree desert heat for more funding in public schools. An estimated 75,000 people were there, and they were drenched in sweat and positive attitudes.

Teachers held signs that said things such as “Teaching is a profession that creates other jobs”.

According to, the average amount of money per student in America is $11,392 and in Arizona it’s $4,720. A middle school teacher who teaches 7th grade math at Newllbarney said “I work two jobs and it makes me really tired, I wish I had more time with my family and sometimes I wish I could put more effort into my students”.

Teachers from Phoenix, Scottsdale, and even Flagstaff all gathered to support the ongoing protest of funding our public schools. Seeing so many people no matter the race, gender, or the political party joined together to reach a common goal was a spectacular sight.

Everyone has their own opinion, but at the end of the day the future is in the over-sized classrooms, and change started today at the Arizona Capitol.

Photo Credits: Melanie Gagnon