Summer School Options

Katie Blum, Staff

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As school is coming to a close, students are trying to figure out summer plans. With only having a month left of school and as finals are coming, students are stressing about their grades. Students may be curious about how many credits left they need to graduate. To find their solution, the counselors have opened up summer school options for all high schoolers.

             Although this may not be involved in your plans, but you are able to catch up on failing classes and getting more credits to graduate. Students have the option to go to Highland High school to make up classes or do online summer school. Many classes are available, but not all classes can be taken online. There is a certain number of hours that you must do on online school, and there is a certain number of days you have to be present during school.

             Online summer school is divided into two session. The first session starts on June 1st  and it ends August 2nd. The second session starts July 1st and ends August 31st. If you are looking to school to go to a campus to do summer school. The session starts at June 5th and ends June 28th and is located at Highland High school. Students are allowed to miss only two days if they attend on campus summer school. And if students are doing online school they can not miss any days.

            According to Roberta Hulstrand, a counselor at Highland Highland High school, says “There are many options for in class and online classes. Some are only for makeups  and some are for more credits.” There is a full list on the Gilbert Public Schools district website.

             Overall, summer school is a great way for students to get more credits to graduate earlier or makeup failed classes. You may have extra work, but it is all worth in the end.


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Summer School Options