Student’s thoughts on more SRO’s

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Student’s thoughts on more SRO’s

Megan Dietz, Staff

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School Resource Officers (SRO’s) are very important in schools all across the country. Their duty is to keep all of the students on campus safe and to regulate any suspicious behavior.

School shootings have become very prominent lately, increasing the work of the SRO’s. Many people have suggested the idea of having more officers present in the schools due to these recurring events.

When asked whether or not more school resource officers should be provided, Riley Ecenbarger (10th grader) said, “I think that they should because I think the students should be safer and have a safer environment.”

Riley also pointed out how just having one officer on campus could be an issue if the emergency was across campus. Fast and efficient help is needed in every school, and more school resource officers could provide that.

When asked how many more school resource officers should be added, Riley said, “Possibly two to three, I think that would be fair.” She said that police departments should have more people in training so that a shortage doesn’t occur in other areas of the Police workforce.

Megan Mccamman (10) shared her thoughts on more SRO involvement in schools as well when saying, “I think that the ratio of SRO’s to students isn’t good enough and that there should be more.”

Many students feel this exact way, wanting a better sense of security and safety.

More SROs being supplied across schools everywhere could not only protect students from harm’s way, but also instill a better sense of safety in each and every student at Highland High School.

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