The Day That Everyone Remembers

Looking back on the day that changed the world as we know it.


Michael Tbdros, Staff

Everyone remembers the day that affected the future of America. On September 11, 2001, the heart of America was broken by an evil act that took the lives of 2,977 innocent Americans. This year marks the 17th year since the day that greatly affected our nation and world.

America Nine-Eleven is a musical tribute to the lives of the men and women who experienced the events of September 11, 2001.  In a theatrical setting, using both original and familiar songs, America Nine-Eleven tells the story of the heroes of that day, and of the days after.  

It is an opportunity to remember, to find unity, and to celebrate triumphs of the human spirit. and our lives forever. Self-criticism is necessary, even indispensable, for democracy to work. But this decade-long drama began with the unprovoked murder of the people so simply because they were Americans, or happened to be located in proximity to Americans.

Mrs. Murphy was interviewed about what happened during 9/11 and she said that “I remember thinking that it couldn’t be real… IT hit me… those people are trapped they’re not getting out of the building and then all of a sudden the towers came down and it seemed like it couldn’t be real… And thinking of those people in the building and the people that have been jumping out of the building. And the film was true and it was  horrifying… and it still is horrifying to even think about that particular day” said Mrs. Murphy. Just like Mrs. Murphy, that day is unforgettable for many people.

“It’s a very different world. Muslims have been ostracized… It all comes from fear… At the same time making sure that we are secure… 9/11 definitely changed the society that we live in, the attitude that we have about security and safety.” said Mrs. Murphy.

She argues about how people are a lot more conscious about what is happening in the middle east and around the entire world and also it creates suspicion between people of other races. They are looked at differently.      

I decided to ask the SRO at our school, Officer Rich, how he feels 9/11 changed the world and the effects it has on our society today. “The security of our country was in question tuned because at the time we hadn’t tried anything that large before and [it] did a horrendous thing from that moment on” said Officer Rich.

“All of a sudden things became a lot more real and quicker, and the desire to do a good job all of a sudden came to the floor front… Everything has changed and also up until that point no one had thought that anybody would hijack a plane and crash into a building. Everything changed” said Officer Rich.

He also brought up how it changed daily life after this horrific event “On our daily life, looking out the window and not seeing buildings that were there… So many people were affected at one moment. Life changed [and] everyday activities changed because of that and it [had] become… more real”.

He also discussed the importance of his job “[I] need to go out there doing this and making sure that I am really doing a good job because you [don’t] know what could slip through the crack.”

This is a day that all the teachers try to share with the students to help them understand what other people have been through. “There is still a lot of fear or concern surrounding it and the potential more so for something like that happen again”.  Ms. Morrison, the AP US History teacher, was talking about her thoughts on 9/11.

She also said “I think that it’s now something that [they] are try to address… and so now it is a topic teachers try to help students understand”.

There’s no doubt that 9/11 has completely shaped the world we live in today. Looking back we must remember the lives lost and assure that an attack like 9/11 never happens again.