That Magic Moment

Freshmen anticipate attending their first dance at the 2018 Homecoming Dance this Saturday.


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Jordan Eulate and Sophia Fox, Assistant Editor in Chiefs

Homecoming is one of the biggest nights of the year, celebrated for the first time in the gym and it all takes place on Saturday September 22nd from 8:00 pm to 11:00 pm.The dance that begins the year with excitement and a long road of preparation, attending homecoming is an experience that everyone can enjoy. Though when we all come together, in the glamour of it all,  that night will surely be remembered as ¨my first high school dance.” 

A couple students had their own thoughts on homecoming, “Homecoming is a good experience for everyone.” said Olivia Richardson 9,

“Its cool and it’s a chance for people to have fun.” said Caitlin Kelleher, 9.

Members of student council even gave their opinion on the dance, Eric Lundgreen, freshman class president, says,”I’m excited because I get to go for free!”.

Maggie McBeth, freshman vice president said this about homecoming,” I’m actually so excited for homecoming because I get to help and it’ll be so much fun!”

Many other things leading up to homecoming will be noted like spirit week, homecoming carnival and the big game, so make sure to get involved this month.!

It’s everybody’s most favorite time of the year… Homecoming! If you don’t go all out on your “Hoco Proposal,” then what are you doing?  Megan Linton, 9,  is going with one of her old friends as a date and a group. Out of the blue she texted her date and said “Want to go to hoco?” Linton states, “I chose Jace and some friends because they make me super happy and when all of us are together we always have a blast!” Not only does Megan have a date, but she also is going with her best friends.

Vivica Madanski, 9,  is also going to the dance with a group of friends. She is so excited to spend the night dancing on the dance floor with her besties. “They are all people I love so much and that I am close to. Plus, they are so nice and I love being around them!” said Madanski. She was talking to a couple of friends in the hoco group, and they were the ones that suggested to bring more people. This proves you can go to the dance without a date and still have fun.

Ethan Williams, 9, asked Emma Wheelman,9  to homecoming. He went all out on his proposal! He told me he took a box, then he put balloons in it. When she opened the box the balloons came out and he wrote ‘Will you go to homecoming with me?” At the bottom of the box, he bought her some of her favorite candy.

It doesn’t matter who you are going to homecoming with, as long as you have fun.  A freshmen’s first dance should be special and memorable.