SOS Video, Do We Need It?

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Cora Mitchell and Jocelyn Harrison, Staff

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On Friday September 14, 2018, every student in every class viewed the SOS Suicide Awareness video in the announcements during 3rd hour advisory, this is how a few students reacted.

Suicide has become the second-highest cause of death among ages 10-34 since 2015 ( In fact, nearly 800,000 people die by suicide in the world each year, which is roughly one death every 40 seconds ( Suicide has become more prevalent and thereby necessary to talk and give warning about in high schools all around the globe.

“There are more signs than you think,” said Camden Valenzuela (9), when asked on whether he learned anything from the video.

“I thought the video was good, and it showed people that you have to be aware of what’s happening, like with people with depression and how to help.” said Ben Watson (9). The video had actors in several different, yet similar, situations that deal with signs of suicidal behavior and what you could do as a friend to help the suicidal person get help and what not to do.

“I think it is worth it to show other people… maybe a less cheesy version… to maybe take it more seriously,” said Ashlyn Carson (11), when asked if it would be worth it to show future generations this video.

“The production value could be better,” said River Peterson (11). “[the production value] made it more funny than it should be, it’s a very serious topic. And it made it more cheesy, and then it seemed more like a joke and made it not as serious of a subject.” Certain components of the video were made approximately 7 years ago.

“Yeah, maybe a more updated, in the now, relative version (would be better). You could tell it was an older video.” said Brooke McClure (11). Peterson, McClure, and Carson suggested making a newer version of the video. A newer version could entail more signs that can be portrayed online, on social media, over text, and many more potentially dangerous situations that teens these days may find themselves in.

Mariella Renteria (12) learned to “Read inside to what the answer is,” from the video, “Even if they say they’re okay or ‘whatever I’m fine’, maybe they’re not really okay.” Renteria emphasized how important it was to check up on your friends, based on her previous experiences.

What do you think about the SOS Suicide Awareness Video? Do you think it’s worth to show in the future? What new things did you learn?

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