Caitlyn Jacoboski and Lexi Johnson

Pom girls put in an effort to make it look easy and fun.

Liberty Williams (9) who is in Varsity Pom said “Pom’s has been really fun but kinda stressful. I love that I tried out, and it’s just like everyone on the team are the sweetest people ever and their like my best friends.” Liberty said the most stressful part is competition season and the most fun parts are the football games.

Calista Campbell (9) who is in JV Pom told us that it has been super fun and the bond between the girls is so strong. “The most fun part is probably the games and the most stressful part is practice. I chose to tryout [for] pom because all my sisters did it, and my mom did it.”

Camryn “Cami” Oliver (11) said “Its super fun and really like a family, and its really fun to always be together all the time and the practices. The most fun part is the competitions and doing competitions together and the most stressful part is getting everything perfect and practicing all together.” Cami has been dancing since she was young and wanted to do Cheer, but then saw there was a Pom team and wanted to join.