The Fear

Highland students discuss their fears.

Jenessa Lopez, Staff

Fear can come in many shapes and forms. You can be afraid of small things like bugs. “Yesterday there was a cricket, and I almost screamed. It was scary. I always feel like they judge me, but I can’t kill them because I’m too scared.” said Hannah Palmisano (10).

Or you can be afraid of big things, really it depends on the person. “I’m scared of planes because you don’t have any control over what happens and if you do crash you can’t do anything but sit there and die. I also don’t like needles, I don’t like seeing sharp objects going into my skin” said Victoria Mendoza (9).

If the fear you have is strong enough, your body feels like ice and it freezes in place when you are near the thing you’re afraid of. “I’m scared of scorpions, I was stung by one when I was eight. It pretty much scared me for life. Also clowns freak me out- I’ll probably pass out if I see one, but I still love halloween.” said Savannah Bloom (9).

Some of the things you can be afraid of can be a little weird to others. “Nuns, they look creepy and wear the same things and they hold hands, and no I haven’t watched the Nun movie” said Sophie Fox (9).

“I am afraid of blood, it just freaks me out, and I am afraid of dolls because of Chucky, I was forced to watch it as a kid” said Jesabelle Cano (10).

Fears can come in many shapes and forms. Some are more extreme than others and some are completely silly. But one things is for sure, everyone has a fear. It doesn’t matter if it’s big or small, silly or not, you have one and that’s okay because it makes us human.

Now, let me ask what are you scared of?