Remembering an Unforgettable Teacher

Michael Tbdros, Staff

Last week, one of the beloved teachers of Highland, Mr. Richardson, retired suddenly after his 21 years of teaching. He taught a lot of classes including Programing, Game Development, and AP Computer Science.

He was also the coach of the boys swim team. He was very dedicated to his job and there is no doubt that he will be missed. He deserves to be remembered for all his work through the years.

Mrs. Murphy said, “Mr. Jarvis, who taught physics, has a background in computers and coding and he took over Mr. Richardson’s classes. They are in excellent hands.

As for the swim team, “Mr. Huston is working on finding a replacement coach for the boys swim team, but right now Ms. Dever is coaching both the boys and girls teams. We expect to have a coach in place in the next two weeks”.

“I’m not sure what I can add except to say that Mr. Richardson will be missed”, said Mrs. Murphy. Everyone at Highland will always remember what Mr. Richardson has done for the past entire 21 years of his teaching. He was a special teacher to all of his students and they will miss his words of wisdom and encouragement.   

Mrs. Murphy added that “He taught for 21 years at Highland and was a Hawk through and through, We wish him only the best as he moves on to other pursuits”. Mr. Richardson has been an inspiration to many of the students and he will be missed.

“I meet coach Richardson [in] my freshmen season” stated Nicole Schuermann, 12. “It did have an impact because I felt like, even though I wasn’t part of his team technically, he still cared and he still tried to help the girls and myself with our strokes… I think it’s going to have an impact because he had a such a big presence on the team and it’s not going to be there anymore.”

“I think what all we just take from him… is that just keep trying and just because you’re not the best at something right now doesn’t mean you can’t be and that if you put in the work you can get there tomorrow”, said Schuermann.

The students impacted by Mr. Richardson will never forget the way that he changed the development of the swimming team and the experience they have gained on how to be a good person and make an impact. “I think it affects everyone but… I was with him all of 4 years and he is just a really good guy and I [was] pretty sad about it” said Jake Oolman, 12.

Mr. Richardson had a great impact on all those around him and words can’t even describe how much he will be missed. We all wish him good luck in his future and hope that he knows how much he has impacted the school and how he has touched the hearts of his students.