Fresh Faces in Football

Fresh Faces in Football

Photo By: Cora Mitchell

Kyla Rosas, Staff

Football is an important sport here at Highland and throughout the United States, especially when there’s new people joining the team. This week at Highland, we interviewed a couple of members of the Freshmen Football team about what they like best and so on. Kyle Wright says that he’s been playing football since he was 5. He always used to watch it when he was younger and he finally decided that he wanted to play it. What he likes best about it is that anything can happen, “There’s always something different every play.” Since he’s started, he’s definitely gotten better at catching.

Another freshman, Trey Buckingham just started playing about a year ago. He enjoys it because it’s fun and he makes a lot of friends. He says his defensive skills have improved since he started. Trey also said his uncle played in State.

Gage Dayley, the quarterback for the team, says he’s been playing football for 9 years. He likes that there’s lots of team building and he started playing because his family played a lot. Alexander Genn was also interviewed. He said he started playing football because his dad did in high school. It turns out Alex only started playing about 6 weeks ago. He loves getting to tackle people and he says his tackling has definitely improved since he started.

Another player, Bradley Steinepreis, said his favorite part about football is the life lessons you learn and the team building. He has been playing for 4 years and has gotten a lot better since then.