Brittle Ears

An opinion piece exploring the sensitivity to being politically correct.


Zach Warshaw, Staff

It almost feels as if everything you say these days is judged mercilessly by an unfair jury of your peers. It is so critical to be careful with every word out of your mouth as to not possibly offend someone. Opinions are, seemingly, no longer welcomed in today’s society. Any thoughts that oppose what the community had decided is the “status quo” are forbidden to be spoken aloud. Those who truly speak their mind are admired by some, but scorned by most.

This even applies to famous performers who have made a living off of making light of touchy subjects for decades. They are being pushed out of the spotlight by this movement of needing to be “politically correct”. Take stand-up comedian Dave Chappelle, for example. Chappelle has become a worldwide cultural icon for comedy lovers with his racy style that involves joking about pop culture, morality, and current events going on in the world around us. Chappelle has been appearing less and less even when offered exorbitant amounts of money. In his latest Netflix special, he states that this is because “It’s too hard to entertain a country whose ears are so brittle.”

Our constitution declares that every U.S. citizen has the the right to express any opinions without censorship or restraint. However our current population has just decided to disregard that Amendment. Our country has become too sensitive; every few months there’s a new word that all of a sudden is no longer allowed to be spoken. Even if the term has no connection to someone whatsoever, you could make them upset just by saying it, or God forbid, hurt their feelings.

This standard is simply ridiculous, now of course there are instances and/or reasons that someone may be offended by a certain word or statement, that being said, it has snowballed to the point where everyone, regardless of whether or not it applies to them, wants to eradicate these terms completely.  The fact that people need to put themselves on their own moral high ground just because they believe they are a better person than someone solely because this person happened to utter a word that they didn’t like, is absurd. If you think you deserve a medal since you never use one of these “forbidden words” or if you’re the one who is being devastated simply upon hearing said words coming out of someone else’s mouth, then we need to take a step back , and truly ask ourselves as a society, “What have we become?” Will the point eventually come where everyone is wearing earplugs because they can’t hear a single phrase without it making them want to cry. The question must be answered; In a nation that prides itself on its people’s freedom, is this really where we want to be?