Dive into the Deep End

Zachary Russell and Jenessa Lopez

Mrs. Justine Bachner is an excellent diving coach. When she was nine years old she did gymnastics, but as she got older she switched to different sports. When she was a sophomore in high school  she took an interest in diving and loved it ever since.I did gymnastics until I was about 9 and switched to other sports before picking up gymnastics as a freshman in high school. I started diving my sophomore year and continued my diving career,” said Bachner.

She wants to see her divers improve their skills they already know and hopes to teach them new dives and continue to grow as a diver. “I want my divers to improve on the skills they already know by making their entries cleaner and jumps stronger. I also hope to see them learn new dives so they can continue to grow as a diver.” said Bachner.

She enjoys being a coach and she tries to push her divers to reach their goals and see their personal bests “I love seeing my athletes push themselves to learn new dives and love seeing them achieve personal bests and their goals”.  

Dive is about setting a goal and seeing results.  “I want them to achieve these goals because it allows them to not only meet their goals, but also allows them to compete and enjoy the meets.”

Bachner advises her team. “I imagine myself leaving the board with a good front approach or back jump. I envision myself kicking out of the dive at the right time and spotting the spots.”

 The thing she wants most is for her athletes to achieve their goals that they had set for this year’s dive. “I am really looking forward to seeing my seniors qualify and go to state as well as seeing my new divers that are freshman and sophomores continue to improve and learn new dives.”  She is very passionate about her job and not only does she want to get to know her divers but to teach them a possible career that they could be heading towards.

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you’ve imagined.” Henry David Thoreau