Wishes for Teachers

Mrs. Loschetter-Geusic discusses her win for her students.


Seanti Tompkins-King

Mrs. Loschetter-Geusic stands with her class after winning $5000 to assist their learning.

Seanti Thompkins-King, Staff

Mrs. Loschetter-Geusic, a freshman English teacher at HHS, just won 5,000  dollars for her classroom from Wishes for Teachers sponsored by the Fiesta Bowl. Loschetter applied because she was aggravated on a day to day basis from raising her voice. It wasn’t the students misbehaving that caused this. It’s the fact that they can’t hear each other.

She knew exactly what she wanted to do with the money before she applied. She is going to use her money for microphones for her students. When they do class discussions now they will be able to hear each other. “Students always learn better with each other, and communicating with one and another.  Not being able to hear each other- they are really missing out on that experience.” said Loschetter.

Mrs. Loschetter was very annoyed when she has to repeat answers after every statement, and by the end of the day she’s exhausted. She is indubitely excited to use her extra energy for something else like play her beloved saxophone, go to the gym more often, and write poetry. her options now are endless with her extra energy she will have. Her classes are also incredibly excited to be able to have this experience with her. Mrs. Loschetter is going to receive her check at the Fiesta Bowl and she even gets to ride on the bus in the parade. This is an experience of a lifetime for her.