Sk8 Club

A look of what makes Sk8 Club unique


Photo By Sophia Fox

Ellingson takes time on his birthday to talk about Sk8 Club.

Sophia Fox and Paige Krull

Sk8 Club is a club that is talked about all over the school. This club is different and unique. We talked to one of the founders of the club, Jayke Ellingson (9). He and along with a couple other guys, Chase Fraughton and Cade Howard, started the club as a joke at first, but then it became a legitimate extra-curricular.

You may think that these group of people do not take this outing seriously, but they do. They have meetings and a over 30 people have joined.

 “I’ve been skating for like four years.” said Ellingson when asked how long he had been skating.  “ The club helps others learn to see you should kinda join,” said Ellingson. The club is a way to express the many interests of people at Highland. All in all, the club has many skaters and anyone who is willing to learn can join.