Behind the Bows


Photo By Kyla Rosas

Cheerleaders take the field during the Homecoming assembly.

Sophia Fox, Staff

5,6,7,8 who do we appreciate? Highland High is known for our amazing football teams, but who really inspires and raves up the crowds for the players…cheerleaders!

We asked cheerleaders on all levels on there work ethic and toughness of the squad. So, what do they love most about cheer?

“I love the group and my team.” said Paloma Tribble (Freshman) with gratitude.The cheer squad at HHS is not just all fun and games, they work together and help one another when they need it.

When the cheerleader’s perfect a stunt or hit all there choreography, it makes us wonder how much work is put in. Or even if it challenges them at all? “For cheer you have to know choreography, stunts, and hitting everything.” said Hailee Hauter(Varsity).

As soon as they hit the field, they give it there all after long practices and tough steps and moves. With all this closeness and family togetherness, you might ask if they get along, “Ya, for the most part.” said Chloe Oliver(Junior Varsity) with no shade. All in all, cheer requires a strong head and a great work ethic. Let’s see what our lady hawks have in store for the future.