Did Christmas Start Too Early?

Did Christmas Start Too Early?

Jenessa Lopez and Bella Opdyke

Christmas is one of the most favorable holidays. The lights are never misleading, the laughter of families and friends always warms the heart, and the warmth of the hot cocoa never leaves you in the cold. But is one of our most favorite holiday starting to early? Many believe that Christmas should not be celebrated until Thanksgiving is over. “I usually start celebrating Christmas after Thanksgiving” Says Makenna Bumstead (9). Senior, Bryson Schenck, thinks you can start celebrating Christmas a little earlier. “I believe Christmas time starts right when Thanksgiving begins that Wednesday, Thursday and Friday”

Stores such as Target and Walmart are putting up their decorations as early as November first. “I think stores are putting christmas decorations to early because we still have Thanksgiving.” Sophomore Kyele Carter says. Not only are stores putting out Christmas stuff before Thanksgiving, Christmas music starts early November, before Thanksgiving festivities have even begun. “I got to the car today and we turned on one of the stations we normally listen to and Christmas stuff was on; I’m not ready for that, we just got over Halloween, that is not okay.” Says Sateeva Ingram (9).

Is Thanksgiving overlooked? Kylonna Leevy (10) thinks so. “Yes I think [Thanksgiving] is often overlooked, like the food is good but I think everyone is looking forward to Christmas a lot more.” Meanwhile Layla Bachmann (9) seems to think that Thanksgiving is not as important as other fall/winter holidays. “I don’t really like Thanksgiving, I don’t think it’s fun and I don’t enjoy eating a lot because I don’t like feeling sick afterwards.”

Is christmas starting to early? There are many different answers to this question, some think it should start right when Thanksgiving ends. The general consensus believe that Christmas is indeed starting to soon. But we should never forget about Thanksgiving no matter how excited we are for Christmas.