Used with Permission from wikemedia commons

Kyla Rosas, Staff

Winter has arrived with the cold mornings.  Are you ready?  There are many good and bad things about it. Today at Highland, we focused on the good and what people like best about winter. Alyssa Cheney (9), was interviewed, said that favorite thing about winter is the cold weather, “It’s actually cold outside and you’re not burning up and sweaty,” Alyssa said.

Another freshmen, Coltin Brosemann, said his favorite thing about the season is winter break. Hey, I don’t blame him! Winter break is awesome.

When interviewed, Marc Jacobsen (11)  said his favorite thing about winter is, “Definitely the clothes. Like hoodies and pants.”

Ava Bray (9) told us that her favorite things about winter are sweaters and Christmas music.

When asked, one of the lunch ladies, Ms. Bofetta, said, “Sweaters are definitely my favorite thing about winter.”

Wow! It turns out a lot of people like winter clothes! My personal favorite, though, isn’t just the sweaters and breaks.  It’s the eggnog, by far!