Kicking Ice in the Desert

Kicking Ice in the Desert

Zach Warshaw, Staff

Unbeknownst to most students at Highland High, we happen to have a school Ice Hockey team. It is a combined team with Campo Verde that practices and plays at AZ Ice Gilbert. The team is a cut sport and usually starts the season with around 20 players on the final roster, with about half of them being Highland students. The 2018 Roster only has 5 players from Highland including; Zach Warshaw (12), Ian Van Rooyen (10), Dylan Wallis (10), Cameron Lowe(10), and Trevor Rees (9).

Being a part of the Ice Hawks is not easy work either. Due to limited ice in Gilbert, the team has on-ice practices twice a week, with off ice training on the remaining days. The rigorous season runs from September to February so the players need to be in admirable shape for the majority of the year with an abundance of physical requirements that the average teenager might not possess.

The team is currently 2nd in their division only behind Mesquite, and are consistently one of the best teams in the state every year, even going to the State Finals last year but ultimately losing to Corona Del Sol in Overtime.

All games are free to attend and more Highland students and parents are encouraged to come out and support the Ice Hawks!