The Struggles of Acne

An insight into teen acne and the struggles teens have with their acne.


Aisle of facial products that people can choose from. Photo by: Brooke Gardner

Brooke Gardner, Staff

Acne. Something that over 85% of our population experience at least once in their life. But if the majority of our population experience this skin disease, why are so many people ashamed of their acne, and why can the solutions for acne be so hard to get?

Stephanie Reyes, 12, says the reason people are ashamed of their acne is  ‘because society plays it down… it’s something that we shouldn’t have, but everyone has it.”

Our society has made acne something that should be covered up, not accepted, something we should be ashamed of because we tend to think that the only way to be pretty is to have perfect skin. With acne being such a big problem, why are the treatments that could help people with the pain and also their self confidence so expensive? Why do people not get treatment?

Another reason could be the cost of treatment. On average, over the counter acne treatment cost between $30-$60 a month, and prescriptions like pills, topical treatment, or hormone related treatment can cost between $45-$200 a month, which can be more than people can afford. Meaning that some people that need those treatments can’t get them and can have problems as a result.

Morgan Krause, 12, says this about treatments for acne, “I definitely think it should be more accessible…  skin conditions should be more looked after and cared about… we can’t just ostracize it and not be willing to understand the danger of ignoring is or doing risky stuff to get rid of it.”

Sometimes in order to clear your skin it is a matter of trying different topical treatments. Gianna Valente suggests to ‘Look for medication in your own forms and for your own skin.” If that doesn’t work and you still have problems with acne, or your acne is causing you harm, set up an appointment with a local dermatologist who can help you clear up your problems.

Brooke Gardner
Some of the different acne products and medications that people can use.