Jenessa Lopez, Staff

Finding your passion can be hard to find for some people, they go from one thing to another to try and find it. But to others finding your passion is fairly easy to them.  “I find passion in art because you can tell stories without a word, my favorite type of art has to be oil paintings, I also find passion in learning because you can teach yourself to display the world through your eyes” Hannah Palmisanl (10).

We all find passion in different things, all passions are unique. “Martial arts, people used to call me a ‘ninja man’ so I thought that would be kind of cool, so I wanted to take it, I’ve been taking it for three years” Mattix Huckey (10).

Different passions are what makes a person different even if it’s the same passion as someone else, you always have your own twist to it.  “Art because my family is really into art and I grew up going to different famous museums, I find passion in politics because i feel very strongly about how people should be treated and the way certain people are treated in our countries do not fly with me”Cleo Reed(10).

Passion is a very precious thing to us because it’s what we want to do, what we want to carry out in our lives, our goals. Passions are always what helps us go through the hardships of life, it always brings our spirits up.

What is your passion?