Cleaning and Organization

Paige Krull, Staff

According to American Demographics Society, Americans waste nine million hours a day searching for misplaced items. Some like a decluttered lifestyle, but others may not have the time, motivation, or the want to clean. “It depends what mood I’m in” says Klaire Nead, 9.

But some can agree that having an organized lifestyle helps you in many ways “It lets me know where all my things are easily.” says Amy Pham, 9. Yes it can provide less stress, but how can you organize and clean?

If you find yourself struggling to be organized at school a good way to do it would be having good folders to use for each class, also color coordination can help you easily associate where stuff is or what category it is in “I always organize by color” says Ross Decesare, 9.

A highly recommended strategy for home cleaning and organization is using storage containers and bins. For some people the motivation to do these things can be hard, a useful way to help with this is to make a checklist of the things you need to do and slowly do one by one.

Using these few simple tips could lead you to a more organized and peaceful lifestyle.