The Sweetener


Jesabelle Cano, Staff

Ariana Grande is back again with a brand new album, an, album that marks a tremendous moment in the  pop stars career. 2018 has arguably been one of the most molding and life changing years for Ariana Grande, in her own words; “I’ve loved and I’ve lost, But that’s not what I see.”

On Sweetener you can expect uplifting songs with a mix of ballads and hip hop hip hop. Ariana sings about a plethora of things, whether it’s a love song for her now ex, ‘Pete’, or a uplifting song for anyone that’s feeling stressed out with ‘Breathin’. You can expect to find something you love.

The sheer talent does not cease to amaze with this album. It begins with ‘Raindrops’ a short 30 second audio that most assume is in regards to the May 2017 bombing at the Dangerous Woman tour. There’s not much to say about this track other than it was a beautiful introduction into the album.

Then, you can expect a mix of dance-pop tracks like, ‘Blazed’, which features Pharrell, and ‘Borderline’ that are mostly light hearted, fun songs to dance to. The R&B essence makes its appearance in the track titled ‘R.E.M’, this track is especially enjoyable because of the more relaxed feeling to it.

However, a track that brings this album down is: ‘The Light is Coming’. It’s definitely a fun song with a good beat, however the beat and rhymes are constantly being drowned out by an overly repetitive voice sample.

The album ends of with ‘Get well soon’ a more vulnerable side of Ariana that fans don’t often get to see. Ariana opened up about this song in particular essentially saying it’s about dealing with anxiety and mental illness but it’s also to commemorate the victims lost in the Manchester bombing. The song ends but a moment of silence plays out until 5:22, which is when the bombing took place.

Sweetener is definitely worth listening to. That is if you don’t mind hearing the word “yuh” a couple dozen times.