Apple VS Android

Kyla Rosas, Staff

Here at Highland, there is a lot of variety when it comes to what kind of phones people have. It is mostly divided up into two main categories, Apple and Android. A few students were interviewed to see which one they have, prefer, and what works best for them.

Tyson Theabold (9) was interviewed, he uses an iPhone but he says he prefers Android. He says he might switch to a Android soon. When asked what would work best for him, Tyson says ‘Android’. “I feel like Android phones work better because they’re easier to navigate, they’re not so expensive. I also feel like Android phones last longer than iPhones,” said Tyson.

Another freshman, Allie Harris, said that she has an Android phone, specifically an LGV20. She prefers Android and she likes her phone because it has an ON button on the back of it so it’s very easy access. It also has an amazing camera and actually has an SD card. “Apple has no SD card, which makes it very hard to switch from an iPhone to Android,” Allie says.

Another iPhone user, Matix Kent (10) has an iPhone and definitely prefers that. He used to have a Samsung S7 and switched to an iPhone because he thinks it’s better quality. Matix says that works best for him because he’s so used to Apple phones and products.

Jeremy Bushman (9) just recently switched to an iPhone about a month ago from an Android and plans on possibly switching back. “I had a really bad Samsung before. I feel like iPhones are a lot higher performance.” He mentions that Apple works better for him at the moment but when switches back to a Samsung, it would be better.

Well, it turns out there’s a good mix of people that like both Apple and Android. I, Kyla Rosas, personally prefer Apple, what do you think?