Renaissance Festival: A Trip to the Past

HHS Theatre students are very excited for their yearly trip to the Renaissance Festival.


Seantiana Tompkins-King and Brooke Gardner, Staff

Highland’s spectacular theatre program will be taking a journey to the past.

These students are learning about Shakespeare and there is no better way of doing that than going 600 years into the past. The intermediate through performing theater students, and some of Mr. Abaroa’s senior English students, are all going to the Renaissance Festival on Tuesday, March 5th.

Thespians are psyched to go saying, “Yes, I’m very excited. I love the Renaissance Festival… I’m looking forward to spending time with my theater friends and watching some shows” (Harrison Fink, 9).  

People in theater are taking this field trip, “because in the Renaissance/Medieval times there was a lot of theater like Shakespeare and good plays… [It was] a very influential time for the arts,”(Megan Shumway, 10).

The theatre students will have the best trip of the year! Lucky them!