Distracted Driving

Brianna Case, Staff

Does our state do enough to prevent distracted driving?

Distracted driving is one of the main causes for deaths on the roads. In the state of Arizona texting and driving is not illegal throughout the entire state. Some cities like Phoenix and Tucson have their own laws on texting and driving.

The Arizona DMV says that distracted driving can be, “Texting and driving or handling a cell phone, Reading a road map or navigation device, Adjusting a seat belt while driving, Paying attention to children or pets, Searching for an item in a glovebox, bag or purse, Driving while overly excited, depressed, angry or anxious”. ¬†Arizona does not have a law that prevents texting and driving. Things need to be changed in order to prevent more deaths from happening in Arizona, along with the many other states that also do not have this law. Lets help make this law change today!

The law offices of Brian D. Sloan say “Distracted driving is attributed to approximately 11% of automobile accidents that take place in Arizona”.

Anastacia Rubio (11) says, “I was in 4th grade and my brother was in 5th. We were on our way to school at 7 in the morning. And my dad was watching these two dude[s] racing. We t-boned this guy because they raced across the intersection through a red light my side window flew out and I was in the hospital for 3 days and my brother was in the hospital for a week”. This shows that the guys racing were distracted, making them run a red light and lots of people got hurt in that accident. Arizona has no law on texting while driving. However bus drivers are prohibited but there is no ban.

There are many people every year that are losing friends and family to people that are texting and driving. Arizona has a bunch of signs on the highways that will say things about what not to do on the road. Why don’t we make this a law? Arizona needs to make this killing act against the law and they need to do it now!

Kolby Schwager (11) said, “I was really tired and it was the middle of the night, the car to my left was stopped there before I was and was waiting for the car to go but it wouldn’t go so I did and the car behind the car was going 80, hit me directly and T boned me and the car flipped over. I ended up in the hospital for three days, woke up not knowing what happened”. This shows that many people are losing loved ones to distracted drivers. Even the ones that are distracted they are losing their lives too. Many others families have stories a lot like these and this a terrible thing. Let’s put an end to this now!

Distracted driving has killed to many people and hurt more. Even though Arizona has no law throughout the state against distracted driving, they need to make this change and now. No more family members lost. No more friends lost. Let’s keep each other safe and alive.