Put Down Your Phones

Put Down Your Phones

Jenessa Lopez, Staff

Anybody who is reading this right now, after this article, please put your phones down. The population is so consumed with our phones that we are forgetting how beautiful life is and how fast it can go by, and we are just wasting it. 54% of teenagers are on their cellphones and 41% are on social media. We are on our phones 9-10 hours a day.

Life is beautiful, go outside and smell the fresh air, look at the trees, smell the flowers do something that will get you away from the phone. Sit at the table without your phone, start a challenge where you don’t use your phone or any electronic for an hour.

Life is precious and if you don’t put your phone down, when your older and have children of your own you’re going to wonder what you did in life and what you are going to remember is sitting on your phone worrying about an egg getting more likes than Kylie Jenner. Just hang out with your friends and put the phone away, you can laugh with them and have fun with them without a phone.

Try to at least go an hour without being on your phone that is my challenge to you, are you up to the task?