Music Culture

Tyson Lomu discusses music.

Photo By Sophia Fox

Tyson Lomu discusses music.

Sophia Fox, Staff

Music today has really taken a toll on today’s youth. People use music for their passions, anxiety, school work, and overall enjoyment. Music plays a big part in every high schooler’s day to day life. We asked a couple of students on their thoughts and preferences. Chaurice Blackwell (9) and Tyson Lomu (10) were asked a series of questions on the topic. Blackwell said her favorite type of music was country, rap and pop. Lomu said his was rap. A popular choice around the school was overall rap. They were asked if the type of music they listened to defined them, “ Oh yeah, sometimes I’m southern and other times I’m a hoodlum” jokingly said Blackwell. Lomu commented that he listens to rap because “it’s good”.

When it comes to artists, many people have their obvious choices, and some take them very seriously. So we asked them who they primarily listen to, “Ryan Caraveo” detailed Blackwell. “J.Cole” said Lomu.

We then asked if they trust what these artists say in their music, “ Mainly, because he seems like a smart person.” remarked Lomu. As we get older we choose music to speak about our individual problems. We look to music to solve our own battles and make us feel happy. We relate to people with music.