Dress Code

Dress Code

Photo By Destiny Marquis

Kyla Rosas, staff

Like most schools, Highland has a dress code. But do people obey it? I don’t believe so, For review, here’s the dress code below.


  • Tops must have a 2 inch minimum width strap (no spaghetti straps, tube tops, strapless shirts, and off the shoulder tops)
  • Clothing should cover underarm, back, stomach, and chest area. Tops must not show any stomach area
  • Shorts must completely cover underwear and buttocks
  • No gang affiliated or violent clothes. It cannot carry the potential to intimidate or harm others
  • Pants and shorts cannot bag or sag – they must fit
  • Clothing including profanity, sexual, drug, alcohol, and weapons references will not be worn


To be honest, the dress code is very reasonable. It has some good rules to prevent people from being offended. It also makes students express modest behavior. The problem is that people, especially girls, don’t obey it. I feel like the staff needs to enforce the dress code more, and make sure people follow it. I’ll admit I’ve also broken the dress code a few times, no one really noticed. I see people breaking the dress code on a daily basis, but no one stands up to tell them that’s not ok. I feel like our staff should enforce the dress code better and let students know what they can and cannot wear.