Creative Writing

Highlands Creative writing class

Kaylee Madson

Highland’s Creative writing class

Destiny Marquis, Staff

Creative writing is writing that is pushed out of the box, way beyond what you can imagine, a real fantasy. When you think of books, and authors, and anything that involves reading in general , you think of boring, unless you love reading. Creative writers at Highland High have such big imaginations, with great stories. Their stories are sometimes non-fiction , but put into a fantasy of greatness, sometimes they are fiction, turned into a real story, predicting the future.

“I don’t think of my stories as not real, I think of my stories as just in a different world.” Said Avlee Larson (9)

Talon publications is releasing their new literary magazine this spring “Elysian” “We chose this because everyone can interpret their definition of beauty differently.” Said Cait Osborne (12)

“My imagination is always going crazy when I write stories, my brain never stops thinking” Said Jaye Tanada (9)

These Highland authors will go far with their stories , they will change the world with their words. Writers in Highland or anywhere love writing stories because of all the books they’ve read, they would love to create a world for others who could be inspired to.