What’s going on in Greece today?


Brianna Case, Staff


Greece is famous for its culture and what comes with it. Greece is well known for their wonder olive oil, and many beautiful monuments. Did you know that they have their own statue of liberty? Lindsay Lohan owns a  beach club in greece, and has many friends helping her with her business. The beach club has its own TV show, showing people how Lindsay is doing with her business. The crisis in Greece right now is debt crisis is the dangerous amount of sovereign debt Greece owed the European Union between 2008 and 2018.The crisis triggered the eurozone debt crisis, creating fears that it would spread into a global financial crisis. In 2011 he populations was 11 million. Approximately 16.5 million tourists visit Greece each year, that is more than the country’s entire population. Everyone should have a chance at least once in their life to go see Greece.



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