A healthy ocean for Sea turtles

How we can help the be environmentally safe to help Sea life


Paige Krull

A environmentally safe paper straw being used in milk. It even has turtles on it

Paige Krull, Staff

Many may know that there has been a recent urge for people to start being environmentally cautious, one being the use of non-plastic straws for the safety of turtles. Some states/cities are even trying to ban plastic straws since many of the plastic that is recycled ends up in the ocean. Seattle, WA was the first city to ban plastic straws. So you may ask why does this matter? According to blueocean.net, “Every day we produce over 500,000,000 straws and unfortunately many of these end up in the ocean…Sea turtles in particular mistake straws and plastic bags for food often leading to infections and death.” So the plastic you are using each day can affect the nearby ocean life more than you expect. There are several other ways that you can help Sea life though besides straws. A big thing we can do to help oceans and the environment in general is reducing our carbon footprint. Some ways to do that are unplugging your devices, driving less, and turning off your lights when you aren’t using them. Another thing that affects ocean life is a dangerous chemical in some sunscreens called “Oxybenzone” which causes damage to reefs so you can make a difference by looking for sunscreens without this chemical. So if you have been hearing about this no plastic straw trend…follow it! Even if we live in the desert with no oceans nearby, we want to keep our oceans and sea turtles happy.