Blessings on Blessings

Following Sarah Incardone’s Story of Recovery



The weekend after Spring Break is supposed to be a weekend filled with nothing more and nothing less but rest, but for some, life has other plans. On March 22, Sarah Incardone, Presley Turner, and Harley Turner experienced a tragic golf cart accident leaving Presley mostly unscathed, but giving Harley stitches.  The worst was that Sarah had to be put in a medically-induced coma.

After parents were informed and ambulances were called, Penny Crandall, a cousin of Sarah’s, set up a GoFundMe page dedicated to her, to aid her family in paying for the hospital expenses. Penny posted a picture of Sarah advertising the page and by Monday almost all of the students and teachers at Highland knew of what had happened, some even donating money.

After long days of recovery and many people  caring for her, Sarah has started to feel better.

Sarah’s currently recovering and is actually going to school! She is very thankful for the endless amounts of support and prayers that she’s gotten while in the hospital, and even now as she is recovering.  Ms. Dever celebrated Sarah’s return to school on Wednesday, May 1 with a photo op.  

To see more about Sarah, follow her on Instagram at @keepingupwithsarahinky