Remembering Elise

Our school remembers with love Elise Parsons.

Cap and Gown photo of Senior Elise Parsons provided by Leasures Portraits.

Cap and Gown photo of Senior Elise Parsons provided by Leasures Portraits.

Destiny Marquis

This past March we lost someone close, someone who walked the hallways of our school, someone who clapped their hands at our assemblies, someone who learned with us, someone who sat right next to us, someone who loved to smile.

Elise Parsons enrolled into Highland this year as a senior. She moved here from Washington. Everyone we have talked to says that Elise was a very friendly and heart warming soul. “Every time I was upset she knew, and she would do something stupid like dancing. It would make me crack up”, remembers Amanda Priest, 12.  Amanda made friends with Elise this year. “So one time we were sitting in English class and she walked up in front of everyone and started doing the Shoot,” said Priest.

Ethan Williams, 9, had a Spanish and biology class with Elise. “Elise was an amazing person to everyone and everything.” said Williams. Williams was one of many who posted a message to Elise on her Instagram. “Rest easy; you were a great friend and so nice to me.”

Teachers also mourned the loss of one of our own. “She had a lot of friends in this class, so it hit this class really hard,” said Lisa Nenning. Elise’s 12th grade English teacher. “Before second semester she told me her New Year’s resolution was just to be better, and I asked ‘In this class?’ and she said ‘No, just better.’”

“She had a contagious smile, she was the most sweetest person; it was so hard not to like her,” said Josh Priest. “She just loved seeing the people she loved smile. Every time she would walk into a room, the room automatically lit up.” 

“[She] and I were constantly fighting, kind of like brother and sister, she was like a little sister to me, so lovable,” said Valentino Shulks, 12.

Still others wished they knew her better. “Well, I was never close with you, but it’s always heartbreaking that someone I grew up around passed away so soon. You deserved better, rest easy,” said Taylor Shaub.

It can be devastating when we lose someone very close to us. I wish I could say I knew why she moved from Washington, had a chance to ask her what her favorite color or holiday was, wish I had known her.  If Elise was here, I would take a moment to reach out and say hi. For those that did know her, Elise was a very beautiful girl. In her short time here, she left an impression and will be remembered. And for all of us, it is a reminder to remember to be kind, reach out, and treasure each other.

As we close out this year, it is good to remember how Highland was lucky to have a beautiful, smart girl in Elise who walked through our halls this year. We hope you will rise and soar wherever you are, Elise. 

Rest in peace, Elise Parsons.  12-04-2000 to 03-22-2019