What We Learned As Freshman


Paige Krull

Freshmen Trista Siren (Left) and Olivia Richardson (Right) enjoying the winter pep assembly.

Sophia Fox, Staff

With less than a couple days of school left, we freshman start to sink in the high school experience. With three years left, it seems like an eternity before we graduate. Though, in reality our high school careers will come to a finish sooner than we think. As we think of our futures in school, let’s remember how we felt before coming to this strange land called high school. Many freshman will soon realize that since the beginning of the year they have changed for the better or the worse. Leaving our immature adolescence behind and beginning a momentous and new chapter in our lives. As the seniors leave, they are leaving their memories and traditions behind that we the class of 2022 should carry on and also start new beginnings. To seek the opinions of our fellow freshmen, we asked around the school and asked a couple of ninth graders some questions about their time here. The first question was, what was their biggest expectation before going to highschool. Alexis Flores (9) said, “I was expecting good grades.” Allison King (9) details, “I wanted to fit in” and Austin Smith (9) describes, “Get good grades.” I think we can all agree that before coming to school we all wanted the star life and to thrive socially and academically. Was high school what you thought it was? (AF) “No, because I thought it was going to be like the movies.” Almost all other freshmen agreed with this. I guess when we think of high school, we think about the football games and dances and a fantasy social system. It doesn’t exist for some people. If you have the ideal high school experience, consider yourself one of the lucky ones. For some high school is a roller coaster full of emotional turmoil and half the time we’re just dumb teenagers doing dumb teenager things. Though it makes us into who we will be when we’re older. I guess it’s just a ride of passage before we enter adulthood. We asked how the incoming freshman’s first day of school was like. AF, “It was hard to find classes.” AK “I was scared and the school was so big.” We can all agree that the first day of school was terrifying for all of us. Though eventually we all adjusted and became part of the high school norm and continue to attend. In our teen year we begin to change, so do you think you’ve changed since the first day of school? AF, “Ya, I feel matured.”, AK, “Yes, in a good way. I think I’m much nicer to people.”, AS, “ Yeah, I’ve been doing different stuff.” Transitioning from our immature and childish ways from middle school. We begin to find ourselves and seek interest that we are into. We find new friends that can relate with hobbies we enjoy. Though that can lead to the breaking of past friendships and the beginning of new. With our different thoughts on ourselves and our journey to find ourselves, what do you wish you had known before coming to school? AK “Don’t start drama, focus on your grades, and don’t worry about being popular in high school because it won’t matter in the future.” Take what you will from this quote, but the basis of going to school as teens in our day and age is a different and higher stress level than we have ever faced. Teens wake up in the morning and prep and ready themselves to an extreme.Which may or may not be a good thing. As we end the year and begin our sophomore year we will be experienced high schoolers and start a new chapter in our lives.