Keeping Up With Leo Daschbach

Leo Daschbach running for the Highland Cross Country team.

Leo Daschbach running for the Highland Cross Country team.

Caitlyn Jacoboski, Staff

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Track and field is one of the oldest sports. In ancient times, it was an event held in conjunction with festivals and sports meets such as the Ancient Olympic Games in Greece. One of our students has been invited to run in the Brook PR meet in Seattle Washington on June 15th. Leo is a junior this year and started running as a freshman. Becoming one of the best doesn’t take a lifetime it could take a few years. Coach Montgomery thinks this is an awesome opportunity for Leo to get better and push his limits. Leo is one of the top high school distance runners in the US. Leo had run a 4:07 mile 2 hours earlier in 105 degrees. Leo showed the world his other gear, 7th to 1st in 200 meters. He won the mile, 2 miles, 800 and helped the 4×800 to a state record. He’s the 3rd kid to ever do this in AZ History. Leo Daschbach won the 2 miles and helped win the 4×800, both school records, came back Saturday and won the mile in 4:07 breaking his own school record. Just 3 hours later he won the 800 meters. Leo scored 40 points on his own by winning all 4 events. On June 15 Leo will be running the meet and shooting to win. “As a coach who has been active for 50 years and as an athletic coach I’ve never had anyone like this he’s confident in his ability and a very savvy racer.” Coach Montgomery added. In October Leo found out he had pneumonia which made training really difficult. He had pneumonia for about five months and he was still able to train with it. After they found out why he wasn’t going as well as he could have his family took him to the doctor and they got a blood test to see what was wrong and they found out about it. They put him on antibiotics and he started improving. Leo has grown a lot mentally helping him be able to keep the strength to be able to run day after day. He also had to get smarter with his training and how he kept up with his diet and sleep and making sure he’s had enough food and water to give him the energy to run. “Consistent routine and discipline for a really long period like several months of nonstop hard work,” Leo added about how he became one of the best.