Got Yearbook?

Yearbook Team Prepares

Yearbook students prepare the poster to hang in the hallway.

Sophia Coursey

Yearbook students prepare the poster to hang in the hallway.

Sophia Coursey, Staff

Time and time again the Highland High School yearbook team has published an astounding piece of memorabilia for students to keep for years after graduation. This year’s Editors in Chief- Melanie Gagnon, Megan Kernaghan, and Maryssa Wentworth (as well as their leadership team)- have been attending multiple out of state conferences to make the upcoming book one to remember. The teacher, Mrs. Hardy, says that her class has “some of the school’s hardest working students.”

Students outside of yearbook can help out the team by signing up for the yearbook classroom . “Everyone in the school can find out what’s going on with the yearbook. They can answer surveys, submit quotes, and learn about prices and contests” says Hardy. All students need to join is the classroom code: nyb4nt6

This is different from the Seniors 2020 classroom which has specifics on seniors for the yearbook like how to submit the senior quote, etc. The code for the Seniors 2020 classroom is d9n9z7i

Hawks can also help out the staff by buying their yearbook early at  The yearbook staff have to decide how many yearbooks to purchase each year by January, so the more books that are pre-ordered before that, the more they can feel comfortable ordering.  In previous years, they have sold out.