Holiday Band Concert Jingles All the Way


Natalie Roberts

Wind Ensemble played a moving rendition of the traditional Winter song “Sleigh Ride”

Natalie Roberts, Staff

On December 10, the Highland Concert Bands and Symphonic Band and Wind Ensemble wowed audiences with their clever and varied renditions of Christmas medleys.  Audience members lost count of the number of times “Jingle Bells” was played, but each time added a new dimension to the song and enlivened the performance.

The best moment of the night was when at the climax of Wind Ensemble’s performance of “Sleigh Ride”, when the snow started falling.  The holiday spirit was definitely in the air as audience ooo’ed at the sight and sounds.  Some chuckled at the amount of stage snow piling on the heads of musicians situated just under the falling flakes.

Tonight the choir will grace the auditorium stage.  Will “Jingle Bells” ring in the air again?