New Semester, New Decade

Piper Flood, Staff

Winter Break has passed and all the Hawks of Highland High School have returned for a brand new semester of learning that calls for new students and teachers, new class units, winter sports, and so much more coming our way. In spite of all and sundry in the school not being fully ready to start their lessons again, Highland High School is prepared for greater opportunities that’ll knock this year out of the park. As 2020 marks the sequel of the Roaring ’20s, it’s about time to look forward to some resolutions inside and outside of school.

There are billions of ways we can enhance a special moment in 2020, whether you are bored in school or bored at home. Most people these days are always so captivated by technology and social media that it ruins their chances to try something new for a change. Though some examples that’ll help strengthen their life and strive for new hobbies would be exercising, reading, meditating, and other mild, fun activities. Doing more active hobbies this year will help reduce the amount of time sedentary students and teachers spend on their phones without any physical exercises. Most importantly to this resolution, students should also focus on completing homework assignments and even study for quizzes, tests, and finals to reach higher grades and receive a great Cumulative GPA. If we all think of all the things we can do inside and outside of school, we’ll be able to claim a joyful and exciting year on a whole decade of exploring.