Real Runners


Walking into Freestone Park is like walking into judgement. It’s hot, it’s hilly, and Campo’s supposed rivalry means there’s a whole lot of competition. September 19, Highland High’s cross country team ran an epic race. When asked what his favorite part about running is, Deklan Hancock replied “Cross country is fulfilling. Like, you run and you run hard. There’s a lot of hard work in cross country and that hard work pays off in the meets.” 

The boys line up at the start and all goes silent, radiating confidence from their determined faces.  The team goes quiet with anticipation, the only sound being the affirmations in their heads and the relentless beating of their anxious hearts ready to run a great race. 

“It was just like any other meet, I was nervous but really excited because I’m always happy to be with my team,”  Hancock said.