Braylon Pekara (9)

Sports Highlight of the Week

Braylon Pekara (9)

Brody Salswedel, Staff

Sports and any other physical activity are more important than ever to help improve your mental health. COVID has taken a lot from us, some things we can’t control. This week, I got to talk to Braylon Pekara and how sports have affected his mental health.

As a freshman, he plays for the Varsity Boys Soccer team. First Braylon has been playing soccer for 8 years and started playing when he was only 6 years old. Braylon expresses that overall in the last 8 years of playing soccer his mental health has been great and this is partly due to soccer. Some ways that his mental health has improved by soccer was making more friends and getting to hang out and play soccer with them and the daily.

Although soccer has mainly affected him positively, it has also affected his school work causing him to feel more stressed about homework and his grades in school.”Soccer can get pretty stressful trying to balance it with school, but the coaches make sure I’m on top of my grades at all times.”

In a time like no other, it is important to have something that brings us joy. “Since playing soccer, my mood has been mainly positive because I get to do something I love every day and it helps keep my mind off things,” Pekara said.