Kayla Case (10)

Highland Highlight


Aly Propes

Sophomore Kayla Case is an outstanding student, known by others for her bubbly personality, admirable work ethic, and unending determination.

Mrs. Jamie Laboisiere notes her success saying “I have witnessed Kayla’s tremendous drive, positive attitude, and disciplined work ethic on a daily basis this school year. Kayla balances her time well by excelling in a heavy course load filled with advanced placement classes while also participating in Cross Country. She has an internal drive and motivation to push herself to the limit. She welcomes any challenge and seeks out opportunities to continue to grow in her knowledge. Kayla’s quiet disposition and humble nature are a rarity. She is never boastful or allows her success to define her. She is kind to everyone and thankful for the opportunities she has received throughout her life. She leads by example in the way she carries herself and in her commitment to learning.”

This all-honors and AP student says the biggest habit to maintaining her success is “prioritizing”, putting what needs to be done first to ensure she never falls behind her fast-paced goals. She manages stress through exercise and says that the “team culture” of her cross country group is what helps motivate and support her. Kayla also self motivates by channeling her desire to “always do my best at whatever I can, to be the best that I can be.” She thinks it’s vital to “[know] your abilities and [to push] yourself to get past them.”

“I just want to be a better person,” she says.