Are you a creative writer?

Highland sun launches its new “Creativity” section of the website featuring student works of art, photography and writing.



Are you a poet at heart?  Maybe you have a novel or short story that you are working on?  Send us your creative writing and it may be selected to be published in our new section devoted to showing student creativity.

CLICK the LINK here to submit your original works of poetry, novel excerpts, or short stories.



Important Legal Things to Know: 1. YOU GIVE US PERMISSION TO PRINT: All work submitted is permissible to be published on or other highland sun publications and is verified as not infringing on any copyright. 2. EDITING POLICY Minor edits are permitted through our editors including, grammar, spelling, font format unless otherwise noted. Content edits will be discussed with writer if there are any requests or questions. 3. PUBLISHING POLICY Final decision in publishing is by the student editors with advisement from the adviser. Not all submissions are guaranteed publication. 4. SAFETY OF THE STUDENT All submissions are viewed by an HHS teacher and considered fictional works unless otherwise noted. However, if there is content signifying concern for the welfare of the student, the writer may be contacted first to inquire, and it is the legal obligation of a teacher to contact counseling or needed services on behalf of the student if there is reasonable belief that there is concern for harm to the student. If you have questions on these policies, please contact Mrs. Hardy at [email protected]