Sky Wasp

Awarded Honorable Mention in Literary Arts


“In this world, a long time ago, a large jellyfish terrorized the world, granted the unnatural ability to float above the water. Thousands died over the years of its reign of terror, until it saw two teens in its path, cowering in each other’s arms as they helplessly cried. It was no secret that the creature was beyond intelligent and it was intrigued by the strange behavior. Turning itself invisible, it watched the couple and the world settled for a few years. Then, it struck again. This time, the venom was different. Instead of straight-up killing everyone in its path, it did something, new… When people were stung, the scar was incomplete it seemed. The pain was horrid, but people learned that the closer they got to, to something, the less they could feel the pain. After a few decades, they realized that the creature, which they called the Sky Wasp after it resembled the Sea wasp jellyfish, had chosen who their lovers were! This brings you up to date with our current history, the Age of Scars, starting and continuing through the 22nd and 23rd centuries. Any questions?” Ms. Lyn concluded. The class shook their heads. The bell rang and I rushed out the door to where me, Zorum, and his girlfriend Kitty hung out for lunch.

I froze at the door. There was Zorum, my best friend since 3rd grade. He stood at the door, staring angrily at his girlfriend as they argued animatedly.  They had been fighting a lot lately, and it both concerned and excited me. When me and Zorum were younger and had both detested the idea of falling in love, we had sworn an oath to each other not to fall in love, that we would be friends and only friends. Of course, the Sky Wasp had other ideas…. The scar on my arm, which I had got the night before on my 16th birthday lessened considerably as I approached him until it was almost completely gone. Of course, Zorum wouldn’t know that his birthday isn’t for another week, I think? I had lost track of time. The scar was extremely painful and dulled just about everything. I was 90% sure his birthday was after mine, but I couldn’t remember. I felt horrible about that. As I approached, he turned and smiled. Then, suddenly, he turned back to Kitty and in a flat voice said,

“I told you once, and I tell you again, we are over, I got my scar, and I know it is not you.” She let out a growl and stormed off. Zorum got his scar? When? My world began to spin suddenly as a flash of pain spiked in my mind. My stomach growled and I tried and failed to remember the last time I ate. “Come on,” I let out a surprised yelp. I hadn’t realized how close he had gotten in the, was it a minute that had passed. “Let’s get you some food, we have a lot to talk about.” I stared blankly, still confused and in pain. He grabbed my arm and the pain vanished, though my head still spun. 

A while later my head had stopped spinning and I was seated next to him at our usual bench at lunch, feeling like anxiety was going to change the weather to boiling rain. He still stared at me, his different colored eyes boring into mine. His left eye was a swirling silver and his right eye was a startlingly vivid green. His arm was around my shoulder and I was feeling incredibly guilty for some unknown reason. 

“So…” He smiled, “there goes our promise huh.” I looked away, my face aflame. “I guess you forgot my birthday was before yours?” He turned my head and the guilty feeling intensified. I had forgotten that, and then I may have been intentionally avoiding him after my sting. I sighed and hung my head.

“I-I’m s-sorry…” A tear fought its way through my eye and charged down my cheek, followed by its calvary. 

“Hey, don’t cry. Of course, I’ll forgive you, I did do the same…” He paused as I made the connection. The girlfriend made sense now. I turned to him and smiled. He slid his hand over my cheek and smiled back. The kiss shocked me, literally. An electric wave washed over me and I felt the pain from the scar release completely. 

“That felt good,” He mumbled as he pulled away. 

“Y-yeah,” I whispered. 

“Did I ever tell you how adorable your stutter was?” I blushed at the comment and then blushed harder as he began to laugh. The feeling was contagious and soon I was laughing too. We laughed harder and harder until he had tears in his eyes. Turning to me he asked

“Wanna catch a movie?”

“A-as l-long as i-it’s not a lo-lovey dove-vey one,” I eyed him, being very serious.

“Never.” The mischievous grin made me frown, but he reassured me with a kiss and headed to his next class.